Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Stila Love at First Blush Palette

I admit it, I kind of just bought this for the packaging.  Then I realised it's ok as I love pink blushes and I don't think I own any Stila products so it's a good opportunity to try something new.  It's so pretty I almost didn't want to use it and disturb its prettiness!

It's more pigmented than I imagined so I needed to be careful not to go overboard with application, especially with the darkest colour.  It also has a bit of glitter in it, not OTT but it definitely shimmers - if glittery face products aren't for you, then this will probably be too glittery.  With the different pinks and hint of glitter, this actually reminds me of one of my favourite blushers (which I think has been discontinued), so quite glad I bought it and found a replacement.

It actually looks a bit more subtle in these photos than I feel it looks on my face.  Please forgive the bumpy skin, I'm trying a new cleanser at the moment and I'm not quite sure if we're friends yet.  I bought this from ASOS for £10 (not including my much-loved NUS discount), which is slightly cheaper than some other websites it's available on.


  1. This looks well on you =) I've always been a Benefit Coralista girl though recently switched to Bella Bamba which is super pink and glittery xo

  2. Ohh this is pretty and looks really lovely on you! x


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